Built on Reliability

Continuous Vertical Lifts

Continuous vertical lifts are a four strand chain unit designed for high speed, high usage applications, but are also used in low volume applications as well. Proven tough and time tested, these machines excel where others can't.

With a wide range of product size capabilities the continuous lifts can be built to adapt to many unique applications. With a wide range of weight ratings this allows the customer to size machines based upon need allowing for cost savings.

Weight Ratings and Product Throughput

    Model Number    Rate                Weight Rating   
    Model 50              40 Platforms/Minute        100 lbs.
    Model 60              20 Platforms/Minute        200 lbs.
    Model 80              10 Platforms/Minute        600 lbs.
    Model 100             7 Platforms/Minute        1200 lbs.
    Model 120             5 Platforms/Minute        3000 lbs.
    Model 160             5 Platforms/Minute        5000 lbs.

Continuous lifts come standard with a provided infeed conveyor.

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